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Here are some statistics on our data

We thought you'd be interested in the results and statistics of our research.

We started with approximately 14,000 names of surgeons who claim to perform plastic surgery procedures all across the United States. We were able to quickly remove more than two-thirds of those names from our list because they lacked the plastic surgery training and board certification.

We were left with a list of 6,439 board certified plastic surgeons. (While there has been 7,201 plastic surgeons who have been board certified in the U.S., some have retired, stopped practicing, moved, or we simply did not have enough information to conduct further research.)

Of the trained and board certified plastic surgeons, 8.5% did not meet our criteria for inclusion on the network. A small number are pending further research and investigation.

Overall, the "trusted" rate of those who call themselves a plastic or cosmetic surgeon is only 29.1%.

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